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Program Details and Application

How do I apply for YLTP?

Complete the two steps below and a YLTP Coordinator will be in touch with you.

1. Complete an Application

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a YLTP application

YLTP Repeaters Application

2. Send it in
Email your Completed application to Bill Herman, YLTP Director


When are the Upcoming YLTP programs?

Sierra Empowerment Project is a community development project that partners with youth organizations in Reno, Nevada to empower at-rist teens and native communities. During the summer, participants gain hands-on skills in community organizing, effective leadership development, youth empowerment, and experience in prevention of teen pregnancy, suicide and drug and alcohol abuse.

We would like to invite you to Reno for the summer to participate. The program consists of an 8 day intensive training followed by 2 weeks of field work, with an optional extended service position for up to 3 months.

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MAY - Reno / Lake Tahoe, NV
Arrive in Lake Tahoe: May 20, 2009
Training: May 21 - 28
Fieldwork: May 29 - June 10
Program Ends / Depart from Lake Tahoe: June 11
Fees: $875 - includes all training, room & board, local transportation and fieldwork
Application Deadline: May 1, but apply now as space is limited
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AUGUST - Reno / Lake Tahoe, NV
Arrive in Lake Tahoe: August 5, 2009
Training: August 6 - 13
Fieldwork: August 14 - 26
Program Ends / Depart from Lake Tahoe: August 27
Fees: $875 - includes all training, room & board, local transportation and fieldwork
Application Deadline: July 6, but apply now as space is limited
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YLTP Atlanta's focus is on providing trauma relief to Bhutanese refugees who have been expelled from their homeland. Scores of refugees have spent the last 17 years living in UNHR refugee camps. Currently over 1800 Bhutanese refugees of all ages live in short-term government housing with more arriving daily. Given the current economic climate and their lack of vocational training, the refugees live with the threat of homelessness. Over 12,000 refugees are expected to arrive in Atlanta by the end of 2010. From trauma relief to English lessons to providing vocational training, YLTP participants will work with the refugees to identify their needs and develop projects to support the community’s integration into American society. Ten YLTP seats will be reserved for Bhutanese youth who will also undergo the training, and work with American youth to develop and implement programs in their community.

After the initial 3-week training, YLTP graduates have the option to extend their fieldwork and continue the service projects initiated. In the fall, local YLTP graduates can partner with campus organizations to develop tutoring projects and other services for the refugee children.

YLTP Atlanta Schedule
May 16: Arrival in ATL
May 17-18 YLTP training (Includes Art of Living Part 1 and 2 Courses)
May 31 - June 7: Service option 1 $950
May 31 - June 21: Service option 2 $1250
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Course fees are inclusive of YLTP Training, Art of Living Part 2 Retreat, Room and Board, Local Transportation and Fieldwork

Contact: Prabu Vijayan, [email protected], 706-247-6805.

Project Haiti
Volunteer for a summer in Haiti.
Help Haitian youth become empowered community leaders
Gain hands-on reforestation and sustainable agriculture training
Immerse yourself in Haitian culture

Project Haiti offers students a unique opportunity to become social leaders through real change in local communities!

Contact: Uma Viswanathan, [email protected], 617-645-1428. 
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What are the prerequisites?
Participants must be 18 years of age and have a strong interest in service!

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Who do I contact?

Catrina Marie, YLTP Coordinator USA
            978-500-4082, [email protected]

Bill Herman, YLTP Director USA
            530-277-5230, [email protected]

Watch the YLTP Intro Video

New Orleans Katrina Relief Youth Leaderhsip Training Program - Intro Video